Knowledge & Experience

Rampart Partners is an international organization comprised of technology industry professionals with deep knowledge and experience in navigating the challenges of today’s complex and dynamic market conditions. We are focused on the mid-sized market and provide professional advice on acquisitions, strategic development, operational efficiencies, market transactions, and financials to founders, entrepreneurs, and companies that operate in the commercial and government domains.


All Rampart partners are entrepreneurs and former CEO’s of B2C and B2B technology companies. As hands-on operators we have developed domain knowledge that provides added value to companies faced with similar management and market decisions.


With a rich history of successful transactions each with a high level of complexity, we can find the right deal structure for companies entering this phase of their organizational lifecycle.


We have many years of collective experience providing high quality services within our industry and have earned the respect from some of the world’s most prestigious organizations. We understand that we are only as good as our last task and have adopted a continuous improvement process to maintain our high standards of service.


Core competencies include electronic security, public safety, health care, building technology, government contracting, capture management, energy management systems, sensor industry, systems integration and engineering services, production, and integrated optics.

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